Silvia Hartmann 2018

Silvia Hartmann was born in Germany in 1959. After a turbulent and difficult childhood, she emigrated to the United Kingdom the day after her 18th birthday and has been living and working in the UK ever since.

In 1981, she switched from studying biology to applied animal behaviour and became a part of a research team which was investigating the causes of rage syndrome in domesticated animals. This led her to overthrowing the established dogma on the behavioural drivers of social mammals, and in 1993, she published the controversial "The Harmony Program," which acknowledges the reality of energy exchanges in social mammals.

Although The Harmony Program and the techniques derived from this different underlying theory were proven to work in practice, it was not well received by the peers in the field, as it would have meant having to re-write every textbook on animal behaviour from the ground up.

At the same time, Silvia realised that human beings are social mammals too and the principles of modern energy work apply to human beings just the same.

The structural reality of social mammals, including human beings, having an energy system established, Silvia Hartmann focused her attention on strategies designed to alleviate suffering on the one hand, and to bring logic and sanity back into the treatments and training methods employed to deal with problem behaviour and emotional disturbances.

In 1998, she came across EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - an essentially content free technique designed to impact the energy body and to alleviate blockages in the flow of energy. Using EFT as a research tool, and testing causes and effects of changes with tens of thousands of people of the next five years, Silvia Hartmann created a new energy research modality codenamed EmoTrance to test the theory that all emotions are in fact feedback signals from the energy body through the 6th Sense.

This proved to be highly successful in the application of the methods designed by this theory, and in 2011, Silvia Hartmann re-engineered EFT to incorporate those findings.

The key principle of the Harmony Program is that the energy body in social mammals requires incoming energy from other sources, preferably from their own species, but in times of extreme need, from any other species of social mammal that is available.

Not just behaviour problems, but also mental problems and emotional problems as well as physical malfunctions are a direct result of problems in the energy system.

Unlike the "ancient" approaches to energy work, Silvia Hartmann's work is direct, hard hitting and provable.

She had proven that emotions do not originate with the mind at all, defined emotions for the first time and created logical, practical strategies to first of all, understand the human condition, and then, go on to evolve beyond the existing states of low performance and disturbance.

Silvia Hartmann founded the Guild of Energists GoE in 1998 to provide logical and structured training programs in Modern Energy to professionals and the general public.

Today, there are millions using her techniques on a daily basis, and thousands are being trained in her advanced modern energy strategies all around the world.

Her goal is now as it has always been - to find the cause and effect in human behaviour, and to make is so that people's energy systems begin to recover, to heal, and finally, to evolve.

It is then that human brilliance in mind, body and spirit becomes revealed, and love, genius and creativity can rule the day.

Silvia Hartmann's favourite quote is:

Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa.