The Guild of Energists - Est. 1998

The Guild of Energists is the non-profit association of modern energists, specialising in helping people make sense of emotions and teaching new ways to control emotions, to make emotions work for us instead of against us.

Through our research for the past 21 years, we have discovered the cause and effect of emotional stress and developed simple, user friendly, easy to learn methods and techniques that anyone can do and which significantly help to reduce stress and feel happier and stronger inside.

The GoE provides introduction trainings, certification trainings and bespoke trainings for individual people from all walks of life as well as bespoke programs for companies, institutions and organisations.

GoE's membership is worldwide and is not affiliated with any religious organisation or movement.

It is The GoE's mission to educate the world on the reality of energy, and the importance of understanding emotions, emotional stress, and to not only alleviate emotional suffering but to literally empower individuals to live lives filled with much less stress and misery, and much more joy, love and success.

Please see The GoE's training progression below:

The Guild of Energists Modern Stress Management Foundation Energy EFT Foundation Energy EFT Master Practitioner EMO Master Practitioner Modern Stress Management Facilitator Energy Trainer
Duration Live 1 Day 1 Day 3 Days 3 Days 2 Days 12 Days
No. of Units 4 4 12 12 8 48
Distance Learning Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Open to Open to all. Open to all. Energy EFT Foundation graduates. Energy EFT Foundation Graduates. Energy EFT Master Practitioner Graduates. Complete program to run a modern energy training business.


Required Reading None None Energy EFT EMO Energy Trillion
Additional Reading Trillion Positive EFT Events Psychology For You A Star Events Psychology
Certification Attendance Certificate Attendance Certificate Energy EFT Master Practitioner EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner Modern Stress Management Facilitator Energy Trainer

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